Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My First Blog : Chrysant

This is my first blog and this is my first posting, I have think more than one day to have know what must i write in here, maybe I better talk about how can I know about blogging, I have a close friend who always said her blog to me and suggest me to make a blog too, after I saw her blog I was interested too, in my mind I will make one too.
I think it's easy, just write our opinion, our activity or our feeling, but when I want write the first blog, I really don't know what must I write, I just realized some thing that we feel easy but the real is not easy like we feel, at least I still have spirit in my mind if we want learn some thing it will be our usual.
I have a reason why I choice Chrysant for my blog? Chrysant in a beautiful flower, every one know that and can be the tea, I like drink it sometimes, also I have a sweet memory in a place that name Chrysant too, so the first word in my mind when i start this blog is Chrysant.
At last I hope by this blog I can share to every body in the world :)

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Amber @ RuffleButts said...

Congratulations on your new blog! Thanks for stopping by over at the RuffleBlog and for the kind words.