Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Ever hear people talk to their plant? I don't know it's true or not, I mean the plant can hear they voice or not? have good effect to them? but many people who I know and usually they have their own garden, they said to me that every morning after week up they always go to garden, see some flowers or other plant and they talk to that plant, first time I didn't believed it, but they talked serious so I though they must said the true :)
For me flowers can give my mind relax, example : when i feel up set or I have bad mood, usually I leave my job for a moment, I will go to garden and see flowers at there with a glass of tea, relax my mind, but so bad I don't have garden, usually I just go to my friend garden.
Some time I have a dream if in my bed room i decorate with flowers around my room, so when I open my eyes every morning I can see the flowers, hhmmmm.... so sweet :)

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