Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Year Flowers

New Year comes with new hopes and dream. Fragrance with the freshness of flowers it fosters mirth and glee in your life. Each flower unfurls different narratives of emotions and the display seamless folds of your heart. New Year Flowers depict the desires of an April morning. Fresh and bright, they are rivulets of our feelings. New Year Flowers can be virtual and artificial too. Love is the language of flowers. They can be presented to any one. Do you agree? I think yes, I'm agree when read this site, very suitable with my mind.

So who can deny the innocence of dainty flowers? They live and hurtle for the reasonable human beings. They are "glow worms" of a person's life.They dwell in your heart of hearts to bring back a fading smile on your face. Who has been able to decipher what "flowers" mean to us? There are innumerable flowers in this living globe. Some are significant, others are anonymous. Still, they are flowers. Even they can paint your love. They are warm token of humane emotions. Flowers can both conceal and reveal the tender sensations of your heart's innermost marrow. sounds like very romantic.

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suryaden said...

not only romantic, its also bring happines in a beauty way...